Ready to Adopt

Name Obi
Primary Breed Dachshund
Availability Ready to Adopt
Age 3 years old (DOB: January 16, 2020)
Coat & Colour Long hair; red sable
Size 16 LB
Secondary Breed N/A
Temperament Loving, anxious, reactive, curious, medium enery
Good with Dogs Yes 
Good with Cats Unknown
Good with Kids No, 18 years and older
Needs another Dog No
Needs to be an Only Dog No
Housetraining Yes, however Obi must be takem out frequently.  He needs time and privacy to do his business
Crate Trained No, has suffered some previous trama. Can be left to roam freely in house, does not damage anything.
Suitable for Apartment

No, he will bark excessively if left alone and he needs to be taken outdoors frequently for exercise and to do his business


Owner surrender

Adoption Fee $450

And now a few words from me

My name is Obi… yes, Obi Wan Kanobi.  I am the most handsome dog ever and I know it!  This usually gets me into a little trouble as people forget that I’m a dog that needs structure.  I’m a curious little fella but I take a while to trust you and learn that it’s okay to be together.  For this reason, I will need several “meet and greets” so my foster mom can help me with the introduction.  I’m obsessed with balls and while in foster care, I’m learning that balls are not helpful with my “doxitude”.  Once I get grounded in a home and learn a routine, I’m a happy little camper.  I can go on long hikes and I have even jumped into pools to go swimming!  I’m being fostered with a large-breed foster sister and brother with whom I now play (especially tug of war). 

And now a few words from my foster family

Obi needs an experienced dog owner/handler; he is very smart, active and playful, and needs someone who will provide him with plenty of exercise, mental stimulation and structure.  Obi loves the outdoors, long hikes in nature, swimming and playing fetch with balls or sticks.  Obi is very loving and affectionate and will seek attention when he desires it.

When Obi came into foster care, he demonstrated fear aggression and was very reactive to various noisy moving things in his surroundings. Obi has successfully worked through these issues with positive reinforcement training and the understanding of clear boundaries.  Obi needs confident leadership and someone willing to continue working with him on building confidence and trust through play and positive training interactions. 

Obi also needs owners who are present most of the time; when left alone he suffers from separation anxiety. This could be worked on with time and patience after he settles into a new home and builds trust and confidence with his new family.

Obi needs time to acclimate to strangers who come to the home; he will bark anxiously at first meeting and will settle and become curious if he is provided with the time and personal space to move in at his own pace. When out in the world, Obi is not very reactive to strangers and is mostly indifferent to the people with whom he crosses paths.

*Obi is obsessed with balls (tennis balls in particular), for this reason it is important to have structured ball time in his day (when the ball is out for play time vs put away).

*When Obi is tired (particularly in the evening) and elects to go to his “place” for quiet time, he prefers to be left alone. 

Currently being fostered in Gatineau , QC (Ottawa area) and mandatory meet and greets required