Joey 3 resizedjoey
  • Only dog preferred.
  • Older children 16 years and up only.
  • Slow to acclimate to new people. Could nip if given the chance.
  • Experienced owners with quiet homes only.  Joey needs to learn confidence & saftey.

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Name: Joey
Age: 7 years old
Weight 16 lbs
Coat & Colour Long haired, shade red
Primary Breed Dachshund
Secondary Breed N/A
Details Owner Surrender

 Joey 4 resizedI Like…

  • Going for walks!!
  • Food.  I was a little chubby and now I am fit & fine so you will need to keep up my exercise plan and diet.
  • People who give me space to warm up to them.
  • Older kids who don't bug me until I am ready to meet.
  • Snuggles & pets on my terms.  It's often I promise.
  • Daytime naps, birdwatching and haning out with you.

I Don't Like…

  • Most dogs. I will tolerate their presence but prefer the company of my humans.
  • Being left alone for longer than 6 hours.
  • New people.  I wouldn't mind giving them a nip if they get too close too soon.
  • Young kids. YUCK!

My Training

Housetrained Yes As long as you keep me on a schedule & the weather is nice#itsadachshundthing
Crate Trained No I sleep in a crate at night with the door open. I can tolerate being in the crate for only a few hours at a time during the day.
Leash Trained Yes Yes!  Walks are my favourite part of the day!
Suitable for an apartment Yes As long as I get plenty of exercise and outdoor time in parks and trails.

And now a few words from me…

Hi! My name is Joey! I’m a 7-year-old red longhaired Miniature Dachshund. I’ve had a recent haircut due to some unfortunate matting, but once my hair grows back out it will be stunning! I was a bit nervous when I first came into foster care, but after a few days I realized that I was in a safe place. I’m not a big fan of other dogs, although I do tolerate some dogs after getting to know them. I’m a bit of a homebody and I like to chill out and relax around
the house. Having said that, going out for walks is my favourite part of the day! From the moment I get my harness on I get so excited that I will pull a
little bit on the leash! Don’t worry, I calm down once I’m outside. I’m fine when left alone for 4-6 hours but when you get home don’t forget to take me out to do my business, and then show me some love! I’m a very loving, cuddly boy who enjoys being petted, and who won’t hesitate to nudge you with my nose for encouragement.

Joey 1 resizedI Am
  • Cautious and timind around new people.  I will bark so they keep their distance
  • Loving and affectionate once I am comfortable with you in my space & with you.
  • Very smart. I am easy to train. I know sit, come and my name.
  • Bossy for pets.  #feelmyfur
  • Leaning to be a confident dog & understanding that I am safe in the big world
  • Handsome with wicked flow!

And now a few words from  my foster family...

Joey was timid and anxious when he first arrived in foster care, which resulted in him barking at me if I got to close to him. When meeting new people, he needs his personal space otherwise he can be a bit nippy. After a few days of settling in, he has become devoted to those who care for him, but he remains a little wary of strangers. Joey will need to be supported in building his confidence to overcome this fear of strangers. He will occasionally bark at noises he hears outside and from the hallway of my condominium.

Joey was a little bit overweight when he first arrived. However, he has been on a diet plan with good food and a regular exercise program which has resulted in him achieving a healthy weight. He’s always eager to go out and he loves his long walks. He will pull a little if he sees wildlife or if another dog
barks at him, but generally he walks well on his harness. After returning from walks I always wipe his paws with pet wipes, which he doesn’t mind. He also doesn’t mind having a bath. When Joey first arrived, there were a few toileting accidents, however when taken out at regular intervals he doesn’t have any accidents. He goes out for his last bathroom break at 10.30-11pm and sleeps until 7.30 am before needing to pee. During the day Joey happily sleeps in his bed or next to the window where I work so he can birdwatch. At night he sleeps in his crate in my bedroom (with the crate door open) however I do close my bedroom door to prevent him from wandering.

Joey has been with me for 6 weeks, during which time he has shown that he loves giving and receiving affection. To date he has only been introduced to older teenagers and adults (as well as his cousin who is another Miniature Dachshund). He does have some toys, but he shows little interest with them although this could change. He’s currently living in a condo and has no issues with elevators. He has no problem going in a pet carrier and travels well in the car.

Adoption Fee $450.00
Foster Location Richmond Hill, ON
Mandatory Meet & Greet Yes